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    Thanks for stopping by! I'm Katie English, a photographer in Lexington, SC that specializes in maternity, newborn, child, and family photography.

    Here on this site you'll find information about my portrait sessions and pricing, details about specials and mini sessions and a little bit about me as well. I also post favorite images from some of my client's sessions, but to check out my most recent work (updated weekly) please check out my Facebook business page HERE.

    Take a look around, I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you!


Valentine Mini Sessions 2019

Valentine Mini Sessions are BACK. Last year was SO. MUCH. FUN with the sweetest Cupid setup and this year I’m bringing back an oldie but a goodie…The Kissing Booth! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! You’ll be so excited to show off your kiddos whether it’s via social media (I can see all the cover photos now!), photo gifts and prints you create, or on the adorable cards you’ll receive as part of the package. I know my girls’ are going to be SO excited to pass out their own personal cards to their little friends and teachers at preschool!

Here are the details! Each session will be 20 minutes long and held at my brand new studio in Lexington…I cannot WAIT for you to see it! This would be great for both boys and girls (4 months old and up), and as always, sibling groups are welcome. After the session you’ll be able to pick from a few different card designs and then all high resolution digital images (5 total, more available for purchase) and cards (20) will be available in about 10-14 days. The cards will be printed on beautiful 4×6 cardstock (envelopes not included) so they’re the perfect size for sending out to family and friends or passing out at school. The cost is $125 and minus the deposit, will be paid on the day of the session.

Here are the available time slots (each session will be 20 minutes long):

Saturday, January 26th

9:00am- Gina S.

9:20am- Hope M.

9:40am- Jessica C.

10:20am- Marti P.

10:40am- Shelby S.

11:00am- Whitten B.

11:20am- Julie B.


Sunday, January 27th

12:00pm- Amy S.

12:20pm- Lauren C.

12:40pm-Michelle T.

1:20pm- Ashleigh L.

1:40pm- Holly H.

Here’s how you sign up: Starting January 15th at 8:30pm (but not before to be fair) please text me at 803-743-7189 with your name, email address, preferred date/time and a backup all in one message (just in case I get multiple clients texting at once. If you send more than one text it messes with the order that your first text was received! If you forget to text me your email I’ll just ask you for it later). I’ll text everyone back once I have them entered and then I’ll be requesting a $50 deposit (that goes towards the total payment) via Paypal within a couple days of sign-up to hold your spot.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I can’t wait to hear from you!

-Katie English

Studio Christmas Minis 2018- The Polar Express!

After all 3 clues I gave away on my FB Page, you guys definitely guessed it! (I need to get better at this clue thing!). This year’s theme is going to be The Polar Express and I am so excited about it! Once the backdrop comes in I’ll have my little models show you how it looks in “real life’ but in the meantime I’m attaching a picture of it below plus some other little details I’ll have…with more to come! I can picture the kiddos in little robes and/or pajamas but feel free to dress them in whatever you’d like!

Here are the details:

Date: November 4th and 11th

Time: Check dates below

Cost: $135 for a 20-25 minute session and you’ll receive 10 high resolution digital images with rights to print and share. A quick family picture can be included with the same theme as well but these are mostly for the kiddos!

Sign ups start on October 10th at 8:30pm! Here are the available times:


Sunday, November 4th:

9:00am: Heather Williams

9:30am: Jessica Mottel

10:00am: Kimberly Adams

10:30pm: Courtney Crosby

11:00am: Katie Schill

11:45am: Arann Hyder

12:15pm: Aisha Grimes


Sunday, November 11th:

11:30am: Robyn Lynn

12:00pm: Monica Conklin

12:30pm: Susan Jennings

1:00pm: Wendy Gregory

1:30pm: Kristen Spotts

2:00pm: Ashleigh Ledford

2:30pm: Nina Peeples

3:00pm: Nicole Mitchell

3:30pm: Aimee Simon

Here’s how you sign up: Starting October 10th at 8:30pm (but not before to be fair) please text me at 803-743-7189 with your name, email address, preferred date/time and a backup all in one message (just in case I get multiple clients texting at once, more than one text messes with the order that your text was received! If you forget to text me your email I’ll just ask you for it later). I’ll text everyone back once I have them all entered and then I’ll be requesting a $50 deposit (that goes towards the total payment) via Paypal within a couple days of sign-up to hold your spot.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I can’t wait to hear from you!

-Katie English

Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Hello everyone! It’s that time again, family mini sessions are about to be in full swing! I love this season and getting to catch up with families that I haven’t seen in awhile, and meeting new families that I’ve yet to work with! This year I’ll really be focusing on capturing the emotion between you guys, still getting those coveted “posed” shots with everyone looking at the camera, but adding in some special ways to show the love you have for each other (trust me it’s there, even after prepping and getting the whole family out of the house in one piece on picture day 😉 ). As far as locations, I asked and you answered! I think I’ve got a good variety for exactly what YOU asked for! Here’s the mini session details:

30 minute session- We’ll get everyone together as a family, the siblings, each individual child, and of course Mom and Dad by themselves. 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time, which is about 25 minutes longer than the average attention span of a toddler 😉. Please keep in mind your baby’s wake/nap/bed times when scheduling, as well as daylight savings time! (November 4th). If the weather is very overcast keep in mind we might push the sessions up 30 min or so as well! Our goal is the best light possible!

15 digital images- Includes a print release! If I’ve got more images for you, they’ll be available for purchase so don’t worry about missing out on any of your gorgeous images.

$150- Includes the $25 deposit to hold your spot which you’ll pay online, super simple!

Date and Location: Pick one! Your options are below:

(Family photos aren’t what you’ve got in mind for your Christmas card this year? Christmas studio mini sessions are coming too! More info will be at the end of this post)

Sunday, October 7th:  Irmo Town Park

8:00am: Katy Heymann

8:30am: Claiborne Patrick

9:00am: Robyn Neville

9:30am: Julie Walters


Saturday, October 13th: Riverfront Park

4:00pm: Jenny Pozsik

4:30pm: Sara Bonner

5:00pm: Lorraine White

5:30pm: Holly Hall


Sunday, October 14th:  The State House

8:30am: Megan Yongue

9:00am: Melinda Warren

9:30am: Kayla Haynes

10:00am: Marti Phillips

10:30am: Lacy Evenich

11:00am: Stephanie Peterson


Sunday, October 21st AM:  Palmetto Collegiate Institute

8:00am: Bridget Stokes

8:30am: Kiera Dillon

9:30am: Sarah Olenchak

10:00am: Jennifer Hollingsworth


Sunday, October 21st PM:  Riverfront Park 

4:00pm: Heyward Bonyata

4:30pm: Elyssa Folsom

5:00pm: Melissa Masters


Sunday, October 28th:  The State House

9:00am: Tracy Spires

9:30am: Heather Tucker

10:00am: Chollet Helfer

10:45am: Jessica Chavis


Saturday, November 3rd:  Northeast Location (possibly Sesqui Park but I’m still waiting on another location confirmation. I promise trees and pretty things 🙂

9:00am: Bekah Wenning

9:30am: Lindsay McCutcheon

10:00am: Christina Doby

10:30am: TJ Wallace

11:00am: Heather McCants


3:00pm: Joanna Eichelberger

3:30pm: Katie Murphy

4:00pm: Jessie Steedly

4:45pm:  Samantha Reynolds



Saturday, November 10th:  Hollow Creek Christmas Tree Farm

1:30pm: Carol Reynolds

2:00pm: Elizabeth Porth

2:30pm: Amanda Tadlock

3:00pm: Julie Belman

3:45pm: Nina Peeples

4:15pm: Bonnie Levkoff


If you’ve been with me for years and one of your only available dates is a location we’ve done before…message me! We’ll figure something out! To sign up (starting Tuesday, September 18th at 8:30pm- I can’t take any reservations before!), text me at 803-743-7189 with your name, email address, and preferred date/time (and a backup). If you have a specific location and time that you REALLY want then I’d suggest texting me immediately, spots will be reserved first come/first serve and usually sell out VERY quickly. I reserve spaces in order of my received text messages, so keep in mind if you text me another message you’ll lose your place in line in my inbox! I’ll be requesting a $25 deposit (that goes towards the total payment) via Paypal within a couple days of sign-up to hold your spot. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thinking about a studio session for your Christmas card? These are a whole different style and so so cute. Last year’s Christmas camping setup was the BEST but this year’s is going to be JUST AS CUTE with a brand new theme to be announced soon, I think you’ll LOVE it! Sessions will be $145 and held on the morning of November 4th and 11th,  info for sign-ups and sneak previews of the setup will be coming soon!

Summer Studio Mini Sessions!

Hey everyone! Summer feels like it’s almost here (well, it feels like it’s been here for weeks!) and what kind of portrait session sounds the most appetizing? AN INSIDE ONE! Haha…but really! For the first time I’m offering summer mini sessions because I just happened to find this backdrop combination and I couldn’t resist! Plus, what’s better than chubby little tiny humans with their PERFECT beach bodies in the cutest little swimsuits or summery outfits (or both!) in this super unique setup? I know we’ve got an entire drawer full of them, and their Meme is going to have a whole new wall of decor at her beach house this year!

These sessions will be held on June 9th and 10th, and I’ll post the available times below. Each session will be 20 minutes long and held at my home studio in Lexington. This would be great for both boys and girls (ideally 4 months old and up), and as always, sibling groups are welcome. The cost will be $125 and that includes your session plus 6 digital images (with the option to purchase more) and a cover photo collage designed for you to keep your Facebook profile perfectly and adorably in-season all summer long ;).

Here are the available time slots (each session will be 20 minutes long). We’re keeping it small this year since summer weekends are busy for everyone!

Saturday, June 9th


9:50am- Melanie D.


10:20am- Julie B.


Sunday, June 10th

12:00pm- Marti P.


12:50pm- Amanda T.


How do you sign up? Even though we’re keeping it small, just to keep it organized I’ll have an assigned sign-up date like I usually do. So this Sunday May 27th at 8pm I’ll start taking reservations, all the way up until the day before the sessions. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get that “perfectly timed around naps” time slot. To sign up you’ll just shoot me a text at 803-743-7189 and let me know which spot you want! If you want me to send you a reminder, text me before then and I’ll put you on a reminder list!

I can’t wait to see your littles in this setup! Please let me know if you have any questions!




Easter Mini Sessions 2018

Hey Everyone!  2017 was a BIG year for Katie English Photography! I saw more AMAZING clients than ever before, upgraded equipment, probably doubled my amount of props and accessories, and did a ton of continuing education…and that’s not even all of it! No matter how busy it gets around here, I always have a FAVORITE time of the year….Bunny time! Every year I think it gets better and better…last year we  had a great turn out, the kids were BEYOND excited, and those bunnies were oh-so-snuggly (as always). Here’s some super sweet bunny shots from 2017:

I promise you, this year will not disappoint. Same great bunnies, more cute kids…what could be better?

The basic information will be similar to last year , but with a twist: 25 minute sessions held in my home studio off of Mineral Springs Road in Lexington. These will be great for both boys and girls, babies and kids of all ages. Last year we had little ones from a few months old all the way to 12 years! The bunnies are extremely well behaved, they are actually bred to be show bunnies and are used to being handled on a regular basis. Sometimes we’ll have them in baskets or sitting next to your child, and sometimes if the child can gently and safely hold them they are given the chance to do that as well. I have an assistant who will be with me at each session whose entire goal is to keep our little bunny friends safe and that part is very important to me! After the sessions are over they will go back to their cushy life as award-winning bunny-celebrities ;).

As far as backdrops, I’ve been working overtime coming up with some new ideas and fun setups for this year and I think you all will love what I’m working on. Last year was fun and full of color so this year we’re all about the neutral backdrops …(with a pinch of bright and colorful because I just can’t stay away from it!). I’ll have four setups and you can choose one, two, or three of them for your session (most people tend to pick their two favorites). The classic Easter fashion colors would be perfect this year!  I chose backdrops with a similar color theme so you can easily do multiple sets on one outfit, but back by popular demand I’ll be allowing one quick outfit change again this year! If you think you’ll have enough time to do one quick outfit/shirt change for your kiddo (you know them best!) then go right ahead!

Outfit Suggestions: The set will be aluminum, burlap, and white (think everything Joanna Gaines) which is so neutral just about anything goes. Chambray or gingham would be adorable, navy, khaki, anything floral, solids, you name it!

Outfit Suggestions: Here’s where we bring in the fun colors! Pinks, purples, yellows, greens, all the pastels you can think of :). I would stay away from bold colors, reds, and any blues close to the backdrop color (very light blue is fine).

Outfit Suggestions: White, white, and lighter shades of denim! Beautiful, simple cotton and linen. Eyelets, ruffles, all things simple and classic! I wouldn’t suggest any other colors or pastels with this gorgeous backdrop.

Outfit Suggestions: Also….white, white, white! Beautiful, simple cotton and linen. Eyelets, button down shirts, khaki, all things simple and classic!


So how does it work? On the day of the session you’ll come 15 minutes before your scheduled session time and while you are waiting you can fill out a little paperwork and finish getting the kiddos dressed. When we are ready for your session to start we’ll pick your favorite backdrops and props and get to work, taking about 20-25 minutes to get the best shots of your little one/s (sibling groups are welcome). You can choose to include the bunnies or not, whatever you prefer.

Afterwards, what will you receive? I pick the 8 best images from the session and you’ll receive them as high-resolution edited digital files in an online gallery (where you can download and print/share however you choose) and a print package consisting of 1-8×10, 2-5×7, and 4 wallets. In the years prior since everyone LOVES the magnets, I’ll be bringing them back again! Along with the files and print package you’ll receive a 3″ x 4.5″ magnet for your fridge or filing cabinet, so your cuties can be displayed all year long. The total cost is $145 (with a $10 old-timer discount for those with 2+ years of bunny sessions prior to this year!) and can be paid by cash or check on the day of the session (minus the deposit, explained below). About two weeks after the session (or before Easter, which comes first) your digital images and prints will be available and you can either pick them up or you can have them mailed (for an extra $6 fee to account for packaging/postage).

I’ve been (happily) bombarded with messages asking about the available dates/times and finally…here they are! In the past I’ve done 3 weekends of Easter Minis and they’ve sold out within hours and this year I’m only able to do two weekends because of prior commitments and how early Easter is! Still, here are the times and I truly hope I can fit everyone in who would like a session time!

Saturday, March 10th

9:00am: Kerry Feichtel

9:30am: Whitten Bryans

10:00am: Katie Schill

10:30am: Hope McCall

11:30am: Katie Daniels

12:00pm: Jamie Smith

12:30pm: Adrienne Wilson


Sunday, March 11th:

9:30am: Ashleigh Ledford

10:00am: Monica Conklin

10:30am: Nina Peeples

11:00am: Dana Shellem

12:00pm: Nicole Mitchell

1:00pm: Mimi Kizer

1:30pm: Kathy Sikes


Friday, March 16th:

9:30am: Julie Belman

10:00am: Janelle Strubbe

10:30am: Susan Jennings

11:00am: Bekah Wenning

12:00pm: Tailor Owen

12:30pm: Amber Holder


Saturday, March 17th:

9:30am: Becky Farmer

10:00am: Melinda Warren

10:30am: Lindsey Young

11:00am: Kionna Keels

12:00pm: Michelle Tolbert

12:30pm: Robin Vassey

1:00pm: Leslie Rider

1:45pm: Courtney Crosby

2:15pm: Megan Simpson


Sunday, March 18th:

9:30am: Bridget Stokes

10:00am: Megan Yongue

10:30am: Jessica Chavis

11:00am: Marti Phillips

12:00pm: Rebecca Rhodes

12:30pm: Michelle Henry

1:00pm: Erica Mattox

1:45pm: Lauren Cook

2:15pm: Amy Gelhaus


March 24th and 25th are reserved as make-up dates in case I have to cancel a full day of sessions due to major illness (not just the sniffles) or family emergency.

Sign-ups start WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST at 8:30pm (evening) for all previous Katie English Photography clients. I brought this back again this year, to show how grateful I am for you guys who’ve been great support these past 5-6 years! To all of the brand new clients, I am SO excited to work with you too! I can’t wait to meet your little ones as well, your sign-ups will be the following evening: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND at 8:30pm. 

How to sign up for a time slot:

It can get a little complicated because in the past these have gone very quickly (I am so thankful for you guys!). To sign up for a time, you’ll need to text me at 803-743-7189 starting no earlier than exactly 8:30pm with your name, email address, preferred date/time and a backup all in one message (more than one text changes the order that your first text was received! I’ll text you back if I’m missing info from you). If you have a specific time that you REALLY want then I’d suggest texting me immediately, spots will be reserved first come/first serve (each person texting me is allowed to reserve one spot. Please keep in mind that what is listed as the last session of the day will not necessarily stay that way, I sometimes have to move sessions around to the end for one reason or another). Once I receive each text in order I’ll then enter the name into the time slots above (as quickly as I can!) so everyone else will know what is taken and what is still available. It usually takes me awhile to get it all set up so you can check the site to see if you got your spot, but I’ll respond the next morning, then send you a PayPal invoice via email for the $50 deposit and you’ll just need to pay it within 24 hours of me sending it to hold your spot.
I think that covers the major details! If you have any questions at all, please call or text me at 803-743-7189 or email me at KatieEnglishPhotography@gmail.com. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone!