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Frequently Asked Questions- Newborn

When is the best time to reserve a date for my session?

Now! No, really…I’d say as soon as possible so that you can be placed on the schedule. I only offer weekday morning sessions (unless there are dire circumstances) and I leave space for newborns that come early (or late). Right now I’m booking about 3-4 weeks out so send me and email and see what’s available! Newborn session take place within the first two weeks of life so PLEASE contact me ahead of time so that I can be sure to fit your newbie in.

When is the best time for my newborn session?

Definitely within the first 14 days of life for your little one. This is very important and it’s how we get those adorable poses, the newbie is so incredibly sleepy in the first two weeks that they’ll let us gently move them around without even realizing it! As a new Mom and Dad you’ll be so tired during this time but it’s soooo worth it after you have beautiful sleepy portraits of your little one so that you can always remember how new and sweet and innocent they were (this is great to refer back to during their “terrible twos”).

How will we schedule the date of the newborn session ahead of time?

Since it’s rare that we know exactly what the birth date is going to be, we’ll schedule you for about a week after your due date so that a spot is held. Of course that will more than likely change, but we will adjust  it as we need to if you get a scheduled c-section/induction date or if you go into labor early/late. Just keep me as informed as possible!

What should we bring with us for our newborn session?

The baby! But we already knew that. If you are breastfeeding bring anything you need for that, if you are bottle feeding bring plenty of extra breastmilk/formula, more than you think you’ll need.  We’ll be topping off the baby throughout the session to keep him/her full and happy.  I keep the room VERY warm for the newbies so please dress accordingly (layers are your friend). If you plan to have family shots taken then I suggest a change of clothes, comfy shorts and a tshirt would work perfectly!

Do we need to bring props?

I’ve got tons of stuff at my studio including hats, headbands, backdrops, baskets, buckets, you name it. Still, feel free to bring special things that you’ve bought, or family items you want included (monogrammed blankets, heirloom bonnets, a special necklace that will be passed down, etc). One thing you won’t have to worry about is a bunch of different outfits, we almost always shoot the baby (shoot the baby!!?)  in it’s birthday suit but with all important parts covered.

I also LOVE finding ways to incorporate unique parts of the family and coming up with new ideas… I’ve done military, firefighter, hunting, rainbow babies (baby after a loss) you name it. Does your family LOVE to read? Have a favorite sports team? We could work that in! Is your husband a chef? A teacher? We can do that too, just let me know beforehand and together we’ll find a way to make it happen.

What should we expect at a newborn session?

I usually schedule newborn sessions in the morning or early afternoon, plan for it to last about 3 hours. When you get to my studio we’ll sit down, look over some of the items I’ve chosen ahead of time and anything special that you’ve brought. (All of my props and hats/headbands are on display so if there is something that you see that you like, we can almost always use it). We’ll make a plan on what items work best together, what you like and don’t like and go from there. Depending on the little one, we’ll start with awake or sleepy shots and the rest of the session will be built around the baby, if s/he is fussy we’ll take time to rock them back to sleep or you’ll top them off with some formula/breastmilk. Those sweet sleepy, squishy poses are done when they are deep asleep so we’ll be patient for that, and sit around chatting/listening to music until they are “camera ready” again. It usually doesn’t take too long, but this is a reason why I almost insist that these sessions are done within the first two weeks, because that deep, deep stage of sleep is easier to get to, and quicker.

Myself and my husband/wife would like to be included in some of the indoor portraits, what do we wear?

I suggest solid, neutral colors like white, black, gray, or tan. We don’t want the tiny little one to get lost in stripes and plaids!

Can we do portraits of the new baby and it’s older sibling?

Absolutely, I LOVE sibling shots. We will try our hardest with the youngest older siblings and I have lots of tricks and different ways to make it happen but I’m sure you know that it can be unpredictable with the toddler big brothers and sisters. Their world had just been rocked and sometimes it takes come coaxing, and there are times when it just doesn’t happen at all. Realistic expectations are key 🙂 . Something I REALLY suggest is to have an alternative plan for the sibling after their portion of the session, maybe everyone drives to the session together and then Dad or Grandma takes big bro or sis out for some errands when their turn is finished. They tend to get pretty bored around here since the focus is on baby, so for Mama’s sake it’s usually a good idea to let them leave so she only has the newest addition to care for during the session.

When do we pay you?

On the day of the session is when I’ll take the payment in full.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash or check, whichever is more convenient for you.

How long after the session will it be before our images will be ready?

Your images will be ready within two-three weeks. I will send you the images via an online gallery where you’ll be able to view and download your pictures to be printed and shared when you choose.


Is there something else that you’d like to know? Contact me at KatieEnglishPhotography@gmail.com or 803-743-7189. 


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