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    Thanks for stopping by! I'm Katie English, a photographer in Lexington, SC that specializes in maternity, newborn, child, and family photography.

    Here on this site you'll find information about my portrait sessions and pricing, details about specials and mini sessions and a little bit about me as well. I also post favorite images from some of my client's sessions, but to check out my most recent work (updated weekly) please check out my Facebook business page HERE.

    Take a look around, I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you!


Valentines Mini Sessions!

Valentine Mini Sessions are here! Last year was SO. MUCH. FUN with the bakery setup and this year we’re doing a little play on words with the super delicious Strawberry Crush soda (which will actually be fruit juice), perfect for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be so excited to show off your little crush whether it’s via social media (I can see all the cover photos now!), photo gifts and prints you create, or on the adorable cards you’ll receive as part of the package. I know my girls’ are going to be SO excited to pass out their own personal cards to their little friends and teachers at preschool!

Here are the details! Each session will be 20 minutes long and held at my home studio in Lexington. This would be great for both boys and girls (4 months old and up), and as always, sibling groups are welcome. After the session You’ll be able to pick from a few different card designs and then all high resolution digital images (4 total) and cards (20) will be available in about 7-10 days. The cards will be printed on beautiful 4×6 cardstock (envelopes not included) so they’re the perfect size for sending out to family and friends or passing out at school.

Here are the available time slots (each session will be 20 minutes long):

Saturday, January 28th

9:00am- Connelly-Anne Ragley

9:30am- Emily O’Connell

9:50am- Alecia Sturkie

10:30am- Courtney Crosby

10:50am- Bianca Bosch

11:10am- Amy Wallace

11:30am- Kristina Goff


Sunday, January 29th

9:30am- Jessica Tripp

9:50am- Hope McCall

10:30am- Tracy Miller

10:50am- Ashley Daugherty

11:10am- Michelle Tolbert

11:40am- Kiera Dillon

12:00pm- Ashleigh Ledford


How do you sign up? Text Katie at 803-743-7189 starting at 8:30pm on Tuesday, January 17th and let me know which time slot you want (and a backup. Please note that the last slots of each day might have sessions added after them due to scheduling changes). I’ll mark you down and send you the deposit invoice to be paid within 24 hours to hold your spot. I’ll then send out even more info closer to the date!

This is going to be a blast (and beyond cute). Can’t wait to see you there!

Fall 2016 Family Mini Sessions

Hello everyone! It’s that time again! I know it’s hard to think about when we’ve been having 100+ degree days but Fall is almost here! (Just take one look inside Hobby Lobby if you don’t believe me 😉 ). This year I’m using a few new locations (thanks to some awesome suggestions from the world’s best clients) and I can’t wait to see how we can get creative with them!

The structure of the family mini sessions is going to be similar to last year, the cost is going to be $125 and we’ll shoot for about 30 minutes, making sure we get plenty of shots of each individual child, the siblings, and of course everyone together. The session is a little shorter this year (I’ve found that kiddos don’t seem to last much more than this…and then those smiles become forced) but feel free to still bring an extra shirt/sweater for a quick change (even bring Christmas outfits, it doesn’t have to be strictly “fall” clothes). Afterwards (within a couple weeks) you’ll receive 15 edited digital images with a print release.

Below are your location and date options. (Family photos aren’t what you’ve got in mind for your Christmas card this year? Christmas studio mini sessions are coming too! More info will be at the end of this post)

Saturday, October 15th: SC State House. Downtown Columbia

9:00am: Linds. McC.

9:45am: Kim Wik.


Saturday, October 15th: Grassy Field. Lexington (Private Property)

4:00pm: Kristen Sp.

4:30pm: Heather McC.

5:00pm: Elyssa F.

5:30pm: Jessica Chav.


Sunday, October 16th:  Palmetto Trail. Peak, SC   (Not my images below. Source)

3:00pm: Jennifer Poz.

3:30pm: Bridget Sto.

4:00pm: Heather Tu.

4:30pm: Sarah Co.

5:00pm: Brittany W.

5:30pm: Michelle T.


Sunday, October 23rd: Sesquicentennial Park. Northeast Columbia. (Not my images below. Source)

8:30am: Kionna Ke.

9:00am: Kiera Di.

9:45am: Julia Ho.

10:30am: Heyward B.


3:30pm: Ashley Dau.

4:00pm: Bekah We.

4:30pm: Jonee Ch.




Saturday, November 5th: Hollow Creek Christmas Tree Farm. Gilbert, SC (Not my images below. Source)

3:45pm: Carol R.

4:15pm: Robyn L.

4:45pm: Susan J.

5:15pm: Jessica Cal.


Sunday, November 6th: Palmetto Trail. Peak, SC (Not my images below. Source)

2:30pm: Jessica H.

3:30pm: Irish P.

4:00pm: Sarah Ko.

4:30pm: Ashleigh L.


Saturday, November 12th: Irmo Town Park. Irmo

8:30am: Gina Stev

9:00am: Nicole M.

9:45am: Sarah V.

10:30am: Chollet H.


To sign up (starting September 8th at 8:30pm), text me 803-743-7189 with your name, email address, and preferred date/time (and a backup). If you have a specific location and time that you REALLY want then I’d suggest texting me immediately, spots will be reserved first come/first serve. I’ll be requesting a $50 deposit (that goes towards the total payment) via Paypal within a couple days of sign-up to hold your spot. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thinking about a studio session for your Christmas card? These are a whole different style and so so cute. You’ll be able to pick between a few different backdrops for a stylized setup with lots of Christmas/winter props. The kiddos won’t be able to look any cuter in their holiday outfits and even Christmas pajamas are fun to wear! These sessions will be $110 and held on the morning of November 5th and 6th,  info for sign-ups and backdrop options (the ones below are samples) will be coming soon!



Location Challenge!

Let’s try something new! It started when I sat down to start planning my fall family mini sessions and I paused when I came to locations. In the last 4-5 years of photographing families in Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo I feel like I’ve seen and done it all, though I know I haven’t! I’m looking for some new and exciting places to hold sessions around here and I thought I’d reach out to YOU for suggestions. After all, YOU are the reason we’re here…the focus of the photos! The location can sometimes fade into the background but it sure adds that something extra when it comes to family pictures.

Here’s the details of the contest. To enter, you’ll email me at KatieEnglishPhotography@gmail.com with the subject line “Location Challenge!”. Inside the email you’ll tell me about a location (or two or three) that you love. It can be a park, a city block, private property, wherever you find beautiful! You’ll need to include at least one photo (the more, the merrier!), even if you find it on Google.


-Location must be outdoors and available for photos (no trespassing signs are a good hint that it’s not our spot 😉 )

-If it’s private property (your land or a friends), you must have already spoken to the landowner and I must be also be able to speak to the landowner to get permission to shoot there. I often make a deal with landowners and pay a small fee or trade the use of the land for photos!

-Location must be within 45 minutes of downtown Columbia. Shade at the location is always preferable!

-Certain locations don’t count (only because I’ve been there 3,643,560 times):

*The SC State House, The Cayce Historical Museum, The USC Horseshoe, Irmo Park, Finlay Park, Clemson Ext, Saluda Shoals, Sesqui Park, The Governor’s Mansion grounds, the Riverwalk.

So now that you’ve entered….what do you win? On August 31st the contest will end and a third party will choose the winner (via video that I’ll post) based on beauty of location (all names will be removed from the entries) and accessibility (how often is it available? Are there fees to get in or to park? etc). The winner will receive one free fall or Christmas mini session (digital images included), held at my studio in November. These sessions are adorable and include unique fall or Christmas themed backdrops and props. The images are great for Christmas cards, to share with friends and family (great gifts!), and even to decorate your own home during the holidays. This is a $100+ value!

So those are the details, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please call or text Katie at 803-743-7189 if you have any questions!



Fall and Christmas Short Sessions!

Hello again! Just like last year, you get TWO great options for your fall pictures this year! I’ll be doing both outdoor fall family sessions and indoor Christmas studio sessions, both great for that Christmas card shot you’re looking for! Pick which style you’re wanting (keep scrolling down for your second option) and let’s get planning!

These are perfect for Christmas cards or just to update your family photos in a beautiful outdoor setting. We’ll shoot for about 45 minutes, making sure we get plenty of shots of each individual child, the siblings, and of course everyone together. Feel free to bring some extra clothes for a quick change (even bring Christmas outfits, it doesn’t have to be strictly “fall” clothes), I’ve got some great suggestions on what to wear/how to dress your family for a great “photo look”.

Available Dates:

October 11: Gibson Pond Park

5:15pm: Elizabeth Kubas

6:00pm: Elyssa Folsom

6:45pm: Lindsay Arant


October 18: Cayce Historical Museum

5:15pm: Joan Kozemko

6:00pm: Leslie Rider

6:45pm: Jessica Calhoun


October 24: Irmo Park

9:00am: Stephanie Staley

9:45am: Bridget Stokes

10:30am: Marci Salzman


November 7:

8:15am: Tonya Norris

9:00am: Jennifer Tanyi

9:45am: Ashley Powell


November 8:

3:00pm Heather Deese

3:45pm Heather McCants


November 15:

Sarah Vickers

Lauren Spain

Carrie Taylor

Gina Reeves

These indoor studio sessions are a whole different style and also perfect for Christmas cards! You’ll be able to pick a few different backdrops among plenty of options for a highly stylized setup with tons of Christmas/winter props. The kiddos can’t look any cuter in their holiday outfits or even Christmas pajamas are fun to wear for these! Since I know everyone is wanting an update family photo we’ll make time for one, and even run outdoors for it if weather permits.

Here are the available dates:

November 8:

10:00am: Melissa Thilk

10:45am: Alicia Genco


12:30pm Kiera Dillon

1:30pm: Julia Holladay


November 15:

9:15am: Becki Caesar

10:00am: Katelin Williamson

10:45am: Heather Tucker

11:45am: Clara Rodriguez




To sign up (starting August 31st at 8pm), email me at KatieEnglishPhotography@gmail.com or text/call me at 803-743-7189. I’ll be requesting a $50 deposit (that goes towards the total payment) via Paypal within a couple days of sign-up to hold your spot. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Halloween Mini Sessions!

I’m so excited to be offering Halloween Minis this year! I can’t picture anything cuter than your littles all dressed up in their Halloween costumes or a cute fall outfit, so lets make sure we freeze time for a minute! These are great for babies and kids of any age, and I always encourage sibling sets as well.  Just a heads up (because some people have asked), these are different than the fall family sessions I’ll be offering later in October. More info on those to come later this week!

Back to Halloween Minis! The 20 minute sessions (plenty of time, trust me!) will be held at my home studio in Lexington on October 9th and October 10th. You can choose one backdrop between the two pictured above, and I’ll have plenty of cute props to go along with them. Since I’m also a Mama on a budget and I know this is an “extra” that we just have to have, I priced it affordably at $25 per session. Included are 3 digital images with a print release. When you schedule your time (more on that at the bottom of this post) I’ll send you a Paypal invoice to be paid within 24 hours of the time you receive it.

Here are the available time slots:


10:00 am: Julie B.

10:20 am: Lindsay Y.

10:40 am: Elizabeth K.

11:00 am: Brooke B.

11:40 am: Kendra M.

12:00 pm: Lindsay A.

12:20 pm: Joan K.

12:40 pm: ——-

1:20 pm: Jessica T.

1:40 pm: Kristen D.

2:00 pm: Ragan H.

2:20 pm: Kim W-B.


10:00 am: Brittany H.

10:20 am: Lauren C.

10:40 am: Jennifer B.

11:00 am: Nicole M.

11:40 am: Jen C.

12:00 pm: Melanie D.

12:20 pm: – Kristina G.

12:40 pm: – Mindy H.

1:00 pm: – Nycki C.

1:20 pm: Clara R.

1:40 pm: Crystal H.

2:00 pm: Dana H.

2:20 pm: Leslie R.

To sign up, text me (Katie) at 803-743-7189 with your name, child/children’s names, and email address! The time slots are first come, first serve starting on August 17th at 8pm.

Please feel free to call, text, or email me if you have any questions! Can’t wait to see you there!